Infrastructure Overview

Equipped with state of the art technology and surrounded by a hygienic environment, every step taking place in Mahak Group is carried out with strict supervision. With a systematic process and uncompromised quality, we, at Mahak Group, promise to stand successfully on every the challenge of taste and purity.
At Mahak Group, quality has always been the prime feature and to proceed with that, we instruct our employees who handle production and packaging to ensure the below things:

  • Maintain hygiene
  • Sealing of products to make sure that the products do not get damaged by heat or moisture.
  • Packaging the products in colourful designer jars, pouches, displays, etc.
  • Taking utmost care of temperature to control humidity conditions in manufacturing, packing areas.

Infrastructure that stands out

To support healthy and huge manufacturing practices, we have a well-designed and technology-friendly plant. With the core value to match the ethical standards, our highly-furnished set-uphelps in proceeding the best practice of the production process.

High-tech Products

The products which are manufactured under our premise are exclusively made using machines which means, there is no human intervention at any stage of the production process. The process of supplying high-quality sweets and confectionaries, fruit bars, fruit jellies is done bypassing through the products through a full-fledged quality assurance set-up which functions independently in the manufacturing hub.

Automated and cutting-edge Machinery

At Mahak Group, we make use of the machinery of the latest technology which are holistically automated. The company has an excellent infrastructure which uses sophisticated and state of the art equipment for routine analysis of raw materials and packing materials. To execute the proven processing and delivering superior results to serve the customer with the best, we work with the most traditional Hänsel processing.


To provide the customers tasteful confectionery products, we care about our esteemed customers and thus, every product which manufactures under our firm is hygiene-assured. We not only put our hearts to give our clients healthy, nutritious and delicious chocolate, candy or jelly but also maintain the hygiene in the production process so that our customers do not face any adverse health effects.

Manufacturing Facilities

In the quest of offering you the immaculately tasteful candy products, we are committed to meet the international standards of the production process to ensure the matchless manufacturing facilities.

High-tech infrastructure

To support the progressive and smooth chain of supply, we, at Mahak Group, carry out each step of production methodology with utmost attention. Mahak Group’s infrastructure is well-equipped to support a huge manufacturing unit.

Excellent manufacturing practice

We, at Mahak Group, practice inclusive decorum for maintaining the optimum hygiene in its manufacturing facilities. This practice involves using gloves while handling products, appropriate hand washing facilities, etc. Personnel hygiene of food handlers is taken care at all levels of production to maintain food safety and there is a restriction on entry to plant so that no one can visit the plant except the authorized personnel which ensures the overall safety of the product.

Food safety management system

At Mahak Group, people are consistently putting efforts to improve the quality system and food management system. We, at Mahak Group, firmly believe that it is important to keep cleanliness throughout all the steps of the production process. We take charge of producing pure and unaltered products that would not cause any adverse human health effects. In order to execute the production process, we accept the material only if it is found to be fulfilling with the laid down parameters for that material.